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Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations

The audiometric evaluation consists of:

  • Pure tone air and bone conduction testing. Testing pure tones is completed to determine the degree and site of the hearing loss.
  • Speech reception and acuity testing. What is the softest speech you can hear? How well can you repeat words when volume and external clarity are not at issue.
  • Speech in noise testing. Objectify the common complaint: “ I hear well one-on-one but more poorly than my friends in noise.”
  • Acoustic immittance testing. This assesses the functionality of the ear drum and the auditory reflexes.

During your diagnostic hearing evaluation you will be tested using specifically selected words to determine your ability to understand verbiage within a conversation. We will also give you several words to repeat. The results will help us determine your degree of hearing loss, your ability to understand speech and how well, if clinically indicated, hearing aids will improve your ability to hear.

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Tympanometry is an examination used to test the condition of the middle ear and mobility of the eardrum (tympanic membrane). This is done by creating variations of air pressure in the ear canal and at the same time, measuring ear drum mobility.

Auditory Processing Evaluations

Many times school age children do not seem attentive to the teacher or they misunderstand what is being said. They are candidates for Auditory Processing Evaluations. Sound and word reception perceptual difficulties can effect any age. Mr. Barth works with Speech-Language Specialists and Child Study Teams to plan the most effective interventional and remediative strategies. Learn More

Hearing Aid Dispensing & Fitting

Mr. Barth's philosophy is to provide our patients with the best hearing instruments available.  Factors which go into this recommendation include, but  not limited to:

  • lifestyle, communcation environments the patient frequents
  • the severity of the hearing loss
  • budgetary considerations

We strive to find the perfect match to help you hear well again. In an ongoing effort to  help your hearing with the ideal device for you,  we have access to amplification instruments made by most all the major manufacturers.

At the hearing aid fitting, you will receive the hearing aids we have selected. They are programmed by Mr. Barth based on a unique setting that is specific to your hearing loss. Mr. Barth will take the time to teach you how to insert and remove the hearing aids, and how to change the battery.

Follow-up and aftercare are important for any investment. Mr. Barth will request you return for at least one follow-up appointment to monitor your progress and address any questions that may have arisen. Mr. Barth may make minor adjustments to the sound amplification, as your brain re-learns how to hear better.

At this office, an additional benefit: most new hearing aids will come with an extended three year manufacturer & dispenser-honored warranty. A one-time, limited, accidental loss warranty also comes with new units.

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In Office Services

We encourage periodic, professional cleaning and maintenance of your hearing aid to ensure its optimum performance and benefit. A professional otoscopy and ear cleaning is offered. We offer at least 3 years of complimentary check-ups and cleanings with all new hearing aids, at no additional charge. In office services also include a complete line of factory fresh batteries.

Hearing Aid Repairs

If you feel your hearing aid is not working properly, it may need repair. In-office repairs, when possible, are available on most makes/models. When repair requires the manufacturers' attention, it is performed in the most expedited manner, which includes FedEx, insured, shipping. Some loaner aids are available. Learn More

Ear Molds

While some hearing aids do not require custom made ear mold, some do. We will fabricate custom-made earmolds based on the exact contour of your ears. This will insure that your hearing aid fits perfectly.

Cerumen Removal

Cerumen, or ear wax, can be removed from the ear canal so that it does not interfere with listening or comfort, especially for individuals who wear hearing aids. Learn More

Infant & Pediatric Services.

No infant or toddler is too young to receive a hearing test! Mr. Barth has specialized techniques and instrumentation to arrive at an accurate audiologic diagnosis. If a hearing loss is identified, intervention is never too early.

Tinnitus Evaluation and Management

Tinnitus is a common condition, where a person experiences a ringing, rushing, or buzzing in the ears. Its presence may interfere with your daily activities. Mr. Barth, in conjunction with your physician, can recommend a course of action to help alleviate your tinnitus. Learn More

Industrial Hearing Testing

Workers in certain occupations are required to receive regular hearing tests due to the risk of hearing loss that can be caused by excessive workplace noise. These hearing screenings are performed either in-office or on-site and are in full compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration & the Mining Safety and Health Administration. Learn More

Battery Sales

We keep a supply of fresh batteries for you to purchase in our office. You may either stop by or have our office mail the batteries to your home. Make sure to check the batteries in your hearing devices often and make sure there is no dirt, wax or debris interfering with the batteries performance. Batteries that supply the proper voltage will make a noise (a squeal) when cupped in your hand. With some aids, after it has been inserted in your ear, cup your hand over your ear to test for proper hearing aid function.

  • Size 10 (yellow paper tag)
  • Size 312 (brown paper tag)
  • Size 13 (orange paper tag)
  • Size 675 (blue paper tag)

The purpose of the paper tag on the battery is to keep it fresh. It should not be removed until you are ready to use the battery.

Cell Phone Accessories

Many new digital hearing aids have direct connection to your cell phone, or any other Bluetooth compatible device. Ask Mr . Barth.  Also, custom earmolds can be made for hands-free Bluetooth devices.

Musician Ear Plugs & Monitors

Musicians practice and perform in a variety of different settings. They are exposed to high levels of sound, sometimes for long periods, which may put them at risk for permanent hearing damage. Musicians’ ear plugs are custom-made devices that help to limit the sound exposure from instruments, while still providing a rich musical experience for the performer or audience. Ear monitors allow them to hear their own instruments at non-damaging sound levels without bothering fellow musicians. Learn More